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Why we exist


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Leesa Danley


board of directors

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Debra Jackson


mission statement

Through prayer ministry, peer counseling, mentorships, and training in small groups, seminars, workshops, and conferences, we will help individuals: 

Discover their unique God-given identity, gifts, passion, purpose and potential;

Develop a clearer vision of where they are going; and

Prepare to enter the various arenas which provide them opportunities to be and do their best.   

Discovering, developing and sharing individuals’ true value, passions and strengths to make a significant positive impact on the world.

Lydia Clarke


We believe, every person is divinely created with a divine purpose and  possesses a treasure of unique ideas, gifts, talents, and abilities to fulfill it.  Their purpose and treasure is not just for themselves, but to help others.  Unfortunately, however, there are people who are unaware they have purpose and treasure, while others know they have purpose and treasure, but cannot identify them.  As a result, they end up living beneath their potential with no clear direction.

With the aforementioned belief as our foundation, Treasure Quest, Inc. is committed to the following mission: